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A different kind of church....


Roadside Church was started in June 2015, in McKinney, Texas, as a ministry of First Melissa that provided for the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless. Our focus was to provide an outdoor church environment that a) accepted everyone for who they are b) provided a warm meal and meet physical needs and c) preach THE GOSPEL.

In January 2017, Roadside Church transitioned to a freestanding ministry. Our focus has grown from just a Sunday church to also include outreach during the week, developing additional services to assist the homeless, as well as fundraising and planning for longer-term, life-changing investments.

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The Hidden Problem

In 2014, Time Magazine ranked McKinney, Texas as #1 on their Best Places to Live list. While we agree that it is a great place to live, McKinney is a city like every other: it has it's issues. Just like every growing city in America, there is always a component of poverty that most growth proponents would prefer to ignore.

As followers of Christ, we cannot ignore the havoc and chaos that poverty and homelessness can inflict on a person. Homelessness is a complex issue, primarily influenced by abusive and traumatic pasts that lead to poor decisions, mental health issues, and addictions.

So how many homeless are in McKinney? That's a number that cannot be quantified. We have, on any given Sunday, 10 to 20 homeless at our church service. Since we began, we have had over 60 unique friendships with some of our community's most intriguing, welcoming, and, quite honestly, generous people: the homeless.

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See below for ways that YOU can be a part of the mission

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Sundays: 3:30pm - 6:00pm

107 E Lamar St, McKinney (inside The Vintage Church)

Roadside Church is a Sunday afternoon Church service that is open to anybody and everybody.  Our service is held inside The Vintage Church at 107 E Lamar St in McKinney (across from the library).

While it is cliche to say "come as you are", we say it not just referring to dress code. Life is hard. And when you are homeless, it's VERY hard. We realize that ALL people struggle. When we say "come as you are", its deeper than appearances. If we are called to love like Christ, we are called to love EVERYBODY. PERIOD.

Want to help? Here's what we need:

1) People to prepare meals. This is a warm meal that you can either make or purchase. What would you make? Think of it this way: if you were homeless, and didnt have a kitchen, what would you want to eat?

2) Care team - are you a social person? We need people that want to engage people in conversation and help create a welcoming environment. We need YOUR help to make this happen.


Weekdays & Saturdays - various times

This is, by far, the most flexible and adventurous part of our ministry.

-What really matters in life? Relationships.
-What is the most important aspect of our ministry? Relationships.
-Where are relationships formed? They are formed "where you are".
-How do you form relationships with the people we reach? You Go.!

This opportunity is for those with the calling to GO and the ability to make a long term commitment to relationship. Interested? Please fill out the "Contact Us" section below!



Barry and RaNea have been a part of our ministry since day 1. If it's a "behind-the-scenes" function, one or both of them are involved. They have a servants heart and truly have a passion for the people we serve, as well as for the growth of this ministry.


Phone: 469.634.0350

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